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shroom chocolate bar, Mushroom chocolate bars are simply chocolate bars that contain magic mushrooms. These are mushrooms that contain the hallucinogenic psilocybin. These bars are a recreational drug in candy form.

shroom chocolate bar, At present, mushroom chocolate bars exist in a legal gray area. The mushrooms in these bars are technically illegal in many areas, but anecdotally, these bars appear to be getting more common. They are being advertised on social media, sold online, and can often be purchased under the counter at stores such as cannabis boutiques, smoke shops, and corner bodegas.[4] 

One notable risk of these bars not present with typical shrooms is that they are more attractive to children. While it isn’t entirely clear to what degree these candy bars have contributed, there has been an uptick in children admitted to poison centers for accidental ingestion of shrooms in the time frame these bars have started to become popular

Admittedly, this is still a rare occurrence (with 22 cases in April 2023 out of more than 50 million children). There appear to have been no cases in which this accidental ingestion was fatal.[4]



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